Anthony Boronowski

 Apparel Design

I build brands by creating products which connect with end users. I create collections from start to finish, from concept to commercial deliverable. By combining technical knowledge with creative direction, I deliver the insight and point of view to deliver brand defining collections. 

  • Concept

    Market and trend research. Mood and theme direction. Color design. Fabric and print concepts.

  • Design

    Sketching and idea exploration. Technical drawings. Fit development. Print design. Executing merchandised collections.

  • Development

    Prototyping, testing, and sample construction. Factory communication and garment exectution. 

Start to Finsh Design

Developing garments from concept to reality creates an intimate knowledge of the product, elevating perspective on fabric, fit, and construction. This hands on approach realizes the full potential of a design.

  • Ideation

    Exploring ideas is the foundation of the design process. It creates and develops new concepts and points of view.

  • Patternmaking

    Translating sketches into three dimensional forms ensures ideas and details are fully realized in the garment.

  • Prototyping

    Building samples gives an understanding of the intricacies of the constuction process and commercialization challenges. 

  • Finished Product

    The finished product creates a true understanding of the way all components function together to create the design.

Technical Outerwear

Armada Skis 2016 Sherwin Jacket

  • Technical Design

    Design focused on the end user's needs. Considered fit, fabric and construction provided comfort and protection in the mountain environment.

  • Gore-Tex

    Extended experience working with Gore-Tex ensures selection of best in class fabrics, and the execution of garments to the highest quality standards.

  • Collaboration

    Indepth collaboration with professional skiers and mountian guides created a garment which met their needs as mountain professionals.

Designed to meet the functional needs of the most demanding end user while also having a point of view which differentiates it from other technical garments. 

Innovative hybrid pairing of Gore-Tex Softshell and C-Knit backers created a garment that moves fluidly while still providing core warmth and comfort.

Menswear Design

Fall 2016 Personal Collection

  • Ideation

    Sketching new ideas and concepts created inspiration for new silhouettes and shapes of garments.

  • Pattern Making

    A deep understanding of pattern making interpreted absract ideas into three dimension forms.

  • Garment Development

    Hands on creation gives an understanding of the way fit, fabric and construction work to realize the design.

Canvas body paired with embossed leather hide. Gusseted neck and cuff detail inspired by motorcycle jackets. 

100% cotton body and ribbing. Back placement print and arm detail based on an interpretation of a football jersey.

PU leather short with internal legging. Concept developed from ideation surrounding running apparel.  

Child's Outerwear

Bespoke Pendelton Wool Jacket

  • Pattern Making

    Developed a child's outwear pattern. Interpreted body shape and size to fit comfortably and proportionally. 

  • Engineered Print

    Interpreted the layout of pattern pieces and prints to create a cohesive and detailed look in the final garment.

  • Garment Construction

    Created an iteration of Men’s outerwear unique to other Child's outerwear available in the marketplace.

Front detail of Child's Pendelton wool jacket with satin liner. Inspired by Men's outerwear. 

Back detail of Child's Pendelton wool jacket. Details from Men's outerwear. 

Glove Design

Armada Skis 2016 Gloves

  • Gore-Warm

    Designed gloves to exceed Gore-Warm certification. Knowledge of the details to create warm yet dexterous gloves.

  • Windstopper

    Interpreted the use of Windstopper materials to create products unique to the skiing market.

  • Design

    Knowledge of insulation, pattern making and fabric application creates best in class products suited to end user's needs.

Minimalist glove designed for mountaineering. Focus on articulation and simplicity. Reinforced for rope work. Gore-Grip application for dexterity.

Youth focused freeski mitt. Combining bonded Windstopper technology with a printed hand back created a unique combination of technology and style.

Lobster mitt pairing the function of a glove with the warmth of a mitt. Gore-Warm and Gore-Active certified.


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